ENO / Grade Linnit

No musical comes close to encapsulating the 1980s like Benny, Bjorn and Tim’s masterpiece, Chess. Telling the story of the Cold War and East vs West through the metaphor of a Chess grudge match between two opposing grand masters. Grade Linnit in partnership with English National Opera staged an epic and ambitious production, bringing the rock and roll arena show ethos into the beautiful Coliseum Theatre. The amazing set designed by Matt Kinley, comprised entirely of LED panels that literally burst off the stage into the auditorium, creating a fractured world of squares. Our video design fully embraced the 1980s aesthetic by utilising coloured neon grids throughout, tracing the outline of the fractured squares to frame scenic or abstract elements. Archive & newspaper headlines blended with live IMAG mirror the world events unfolding during the chess matches. Russians, Americans, neon, great songs, and an absolute rip roaring band & full orchestra made this a fantastic production to be a part of.